Vice President of Housing Programs

Latisha Carlisle

Latisha Carlisle rose through the ranks over 15 years to become Vice President of Housing Programs and leads NID’s Comprehensive Housing Counseling Program with the Federal Housing and Urban Development Agency (HUD) where she oversees strategic planning, program development, and executing HUD grant mandated activities.

In this capacity she helped establish NID’s network infrastructure, streamlined internal processes, develop and monitor performance of housing program budgets for forty-two branch offices in 22 states. Under Latisha’s leadership the NID management platform can now accommodate 120 branch offices. Latisha also manages the NID and Freddie Mac Borrower Help Center in Detroit, MI and the NID and Fannie Mae Lender Partnership Program piloted in Atlanta, GA and Miami, FL, which serves as models for LMI and minority conventional home mortgage lending partnerships to other urban and rural marketplaces.

She previously worked in the private sector during her undergraduate years and decided to leverage that knowledge into the public benefits sector advocating for housing rights nationwide, primarily for African American and culturally diverse communities while actively building relationships with program partners, community resources, and financial institutions.

Latisha has attended UC Berkley’s Corporate Education Programs earning professional certification in Business Administration and Professional Communications among various industry certifications, earning her BA in 2005. She was a licensed real estate agent until her transition to the public benefits sector. She lives in the East Bay can be found adventuring around with her 4 year old son, Isaac.

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