Christine Inton
Executive Assistant

Christine has been a member of NID-HCA since 2018, currently serving as the Executive Assistant to the Executive Director. Her journey with NID began as a part time assistant to the V P Housing Programs, a role she eventually transitioned into full-time and then to her present position.

Her responsibilities include traditional executive administrative tasks, and she is also responsible for preparing and managing monthly and quarterly reports for the executive director.  Christine deeply values her involvement with the NID HBCU/MSI Initiative, as it gives her a meaningful opportunity to contribute to the universities leadership and student client based on her own educational and professional work journeys.

Christine holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and brings over a decade of experience as an Executive Support Professional, having supported C-level executives in small to international business enterprises.

Christine is a dedicated professional, a happy wife, and a proud mother of two lovely girls.

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