Saving Homes in Detroit With Freddie Mac


NID Housing works closely with Freddie Mac to keep housing wealth in low-to-moderate income neighborhoods. We understand that partnering with a major housing industry leader is crucial to rebuilding family wealth into our clients’ neighborhoods. Our partnership also focuses on restoring social and economic stability in our communities through innovative foreclosure mitigation services.

In its capacity as a major government-related entity, Freddie Mac selected NID Housing to help stabilize housing in Detroit, Michigan, one of the American communities most harmed by the financial crisis and its aftermath. NID Housing opened a Freddie Mac Borrower Help Center in downtown Detroit in the summer of 2014 and continues to actively seek out troubled homeowners with offers of no-cost housing counseling and education services.

As the housing economy rebounds, and aligned with NID Housing’s own renewed focus on home buying, the NID-managed Borrower Help Center in Detroit now offers pre-purchase housing counseling in addition to the foreclosure mitigation services.

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