Fannie Mae and Nid Housing Bring Responsible Homeownership to Southeast America


NID Housing has enjoyed a lengthy, productive partnership with the government-sponsored entity, Fannie Mae. We understand the importance of equal access to housing products and services, regardless of demographics or zip code. To further this access, we seek to raise awareness of products that are particularly tailored to our clients’ circumstances. Our most recent initiative with Fannie Mae highlights our commitment to equal access to conventional home loan funding.

We worked closely with Fannie Mae, SunTrust, and the National Association of Real Estate Brokers to provide housing counseling and education in Atlanta and the Miami, FL metro areas. This innovative program offers our clients, if applicable, access to a mortgage product requiring just 3% down payment on the purchase of a new home.

NID Housing brings the experienced reality of our clients in countless American neighborhoods to major national and private sector partners like Fannie Mae. We utilize our experience to develop new national initiatives to address specific needs in a cost-effective and cautious manner. We understand our clients’ needs often go unheard in public forums. Our program partnership with Fannie Mae is an example of being responsive to the specific wealth-building needs of our low-to-moderate income clients. Moreover, our partnership with Fannie Mae illustrates how our entrepreneurial advocacy helps conventional lending partners make safe and fair home loans.

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