Creating African-american Homeowners With Wells Fargo

Private Industry Partners

Working Toward Two Million African-American Households in Five Years with Wells Fargo

NID Housing understands the importance of partnerships with all stakeholders in the housing industry, including major, private financial institutions.

Recently, we have worked with the National Association of Real Estate Brokers in partnering with Wells Fargo to accomplish two million black homeowners in five years. This “Two-in­ Five” initiative supported by NID Housing and Wells Fargo seeks to earmark funding for increased homeownership in African-American communities.

We will work with our clients to understand their particular situations and goals. Our partnership with Wells Fargo will help support these housing counseling and education offerings to clients.

If appropriate and desirable, clients may take advantage of Wells Fargo products, such as, for example, yourFirst Mortgage incentive which offers a down payment as low as 3 percent for fixed-rate loans. For veterans, another partner offering is a VA loan that requires no down payment.

We are proud to partner with NID Housing and Wells Fargo to help accomplish two million black homeowners in five years. Our historic relationship with both promises tremendous results.

— Jeffrey Hicks, NAREB, President

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