Citi Funding Enables NID to Expand Homeownership Counseling in Southern California

Private Industry Partners

NID has begun collaborating with NPHS, the Southern California Homeownership Collaborative, local NeighborWorks offices, and Citi to provide homeownership counseling to 450 first-time homebuyers in 2017. This grant enables NID to continue providing homebuyer education and counseling and finance/credit counseling and education to the LMI households in the area.

This partnership with Citi expands NID’s capacity to provide the wraparound services that our branch offices can provide. We meet our clients where their needs are – whether that is at the beginning, middle, or end of the homeowning process, financial education, rental counseling, or HECM counseling.

Collaborations like this one with Citi focus on first-time homeowners, and preparing clients for homeownership who might desire this outcome but are not quite ready. NID counselors in San Bernardino, CA, and throughout the country, guide clients toward increasing savings, decreasing debt, and resolving credit report difficulties, whether through group or one-on-one counseling.

''Partnerships like this one with Citi help NID to best position its community members for homeownership.''

— Latisha Carlisle, NID Housing, VP Housing Programs

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