T. Denise Washington, Branch Office Manager

NID-HCA Louisiana - Serving Nola, LA

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After purchasing her first residential home at the youthful age of 19 and then elevating to investment properties at the age of 21, T. Denise Washington has personally experienced and overcame the obstacles and hardships occurring through obtaining and maintaining homeownership. She is motivated to assist and educate others on acquiring real estate and building generational wealth. 

T. Denise Washington's personal and professional experiences have embodied her skills to facilitate housing counseling, educational and acquisition services including pre-purchase, purchase, post-purchase, non-delinquency, default resolution, and real estate investment. Her reputation throughout her life is positively impacting lives by devoting her time, resources, and energy towards developing caring relationships, educating, and assisting the people of the communities she serves every step of the way. 

She is committed to providing quality and reliable services, opportunities, and advocacy efforts that will help her people achieve and preserve the dream of homeownership and build legacy wealth.


“All things are possible for one who believes.”

- Mark 9:23

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