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Lawrence Batiste, Branch Office Manager

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Mr. Lawrence Batiste’s service to his profession includes as Chairman of National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB) and as past President of the Empire Board of Realtists, formed in 1939 to ensure equality in housing and the real estate profession for minorities. Since that time, he has served in many different capacities within NAREB where he has made a difference as National Convention Chair, served on the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors, and as Chief of Staff. Mr. Batiste has also served as a manager at the NID Atlanta Metro Housing Counseling Agency.

Mr. Batiste has been in the Housing Counseling sector for 15+ years. HUD Certified Housing Counseling; managed all NID-HCA counseling services; in real estate over 30 years; Branch Manager of NID-HCA, Broker/Owner of a Real Estate Brokerage, President and Chairman of the local NAREB Atlanta Board, and various roles within the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Inc. (NAREB) and the National Association of Realtors. NAREB: served as Chairman of the Board to 3 National Presidents and Chief of Staff to 1 National President for NAREB. He has served as Local President and Chairman of the Board of Empire Board of Realtists, Inc., NAREB’s local chapter in Atlanta; managed all NID-HCA counseling services for NAREB’s Two Million New Black Homeowners in 5 Years (2MN5) Initiative’s Community Days. He currently serves on the NID Board as an Advisory Board Member. Mr. Batiste has been recently appointed to the Office of Housing Counseling (OHC) as a Housing Counseling Federal Advisory Committee Member. (HCFAC).


“We believe that housing is a power platform to spark great opportunities in people’s lives and help them achieve the American dream.”

- Julian Castro

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