NID Earns One of the Largest HUD Counseling Awards

October 24, 2018

Recently, HUD announced the latest cycle of housing counseling grants totaling $47 million dollars. NID secured one of the largest grants in the United States. HUD Secretary Ben Carson described NID’s work as “counselors on the front lines, guiding people through their first home purchase and the ups and downs of homeownership.” (See HUD press release here).

Latisha Carlisle, Vice President for Housing Programs at NID, and manager for HUD counseling and education at NID, reacted to the news: “NID is honored to be one of HUD’s largest and closest housing counseling and education partners. With this grant, HUD has once again declared the need for, and impact of, NID services. We are indebted to the extraordinary work of every one of our counselors and Certified Branch Office Managers throughout the country.”

A closer look at the award shows that HUD committed more funds to NID than to 30 individual states. This shows how a HUD-approved national intermediary like NID is expected to serve the majority of the country through its extensive network. It also emphasizes the remarkable work done by NID’s certified counselors, the tireless coordination and management from the National Office in Oakland, and NID’s productive relationship with its HUD Government Technical Representative.

NID Housing has long been a top grantee of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)’s Comprehensive Housing Counseling Grant. NID assisted in the creation of the housing counseling program and continues to be one of the leaders in assuring that HUD’s impact is felt throughout American cities and country sides, especially in low-income and minority communities.

Yet, NID cannot satisfy the need for HUD-approved housing counseling services alone. Whether its home-buying partnerships with private institutions, or community development training and counseling for churches, CBOs, and government agencies, NID is always seeking private industry partners and its non-profit colleagues to collaborate with and maximize client successes. HUD’s certification of NID and the recent award are broad mandates to serve our communities, and we eagerly wish to expand our capacity and impact.

If you as an individual wish to learn more about NID Housing’s full menu of HUD-approved housing counseling and education services, please call our National Office at 510-268-9792. Whatever your housing needs, from home-buying, to HECM (reverse mortgage) counseling, to foreclosure prevention, to rental counseling, or Fair Housing complaints, NID Housing is in your community and stands ready to help.

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