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Expansion and Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling

NID has expanded its network of local branch offices from 5 to 60, with the capacity to manage 120 branch offices providing quality housing counseling and urban area residential and commercial real estate development consulting services. NID has also consulted local governments, churches, and community-based non-profit housing developers on the development of affordable housing in eight states since 2001.
In 2009, NID became a grantee of the National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling program managed by NeighborWorks America and regulated by the U. S. Treasury Department’s Troubled Asset Relief Program to address the effects on homeowners with sub-prime loans and the resulting financial crisis of 2007-10. NID is the largest minority grantee participant in the program, one of the top 3 in the number of clients it serves of the 32 national intermediary grantees under the program, and the leading agency in providing face-to-face direct client services to our majority base of Black and Brown clients facing foreclosure on their homes. NID has completed its transition from predominantly foreclosure prevention counseling back to homebuyer, HECM, and community development education and counseling services.

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